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A few weeks ago I decided that I wasn't going to continue to post on LJ and I started moving everything from here to Tumblr.  This is going to be my final post here at LJ, but anything  I already have here will stay.  I have no intention of deleting either of my LJ pages.

I have updated "A Curious State of Affairs"  with some new stuff on my Tumblr page and intend to continue updating it there.  If anyone is at all interested, the story can be read from the beginning, here. If you just want to follow my page so you can see my updates on your dash, you can go to it here. My main Tumblr page, where I put sims 2 and 3 stuff and random personal things is here.

LJ was fun, but more and more people seem to be leaving, and I I'm just not willing to stick with it any longer.  The unreliability of the site, constant changes, the difficulty of making my posts turn out the way I intend, and the fact that so many people seem to be leaving have led to my decision to move.  Thanks for all of you that have stuck around and stuck with me the past six years.  I hope to see you on Tumblr.

Stranger in a Strange Land Poll

The poll to decide Vidcund Curious' fate has been posted here.  C'mon over and make your voice heard

Yes, It's that time of year again....

When I dust off this moldy oldie to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season - if you're into that sort of thing.


Now that's something everybody can enjoy!

Someone shred this on FB this morning, and I had to share here because I know there are some of you who will really appreciate it.  You don't even have to be a former band geek like me!

Also, here's the link in case I cant get the embed to work again:

Ohio State University Marching Band : Nerds of the world rejoice!


This is all I have managed to accomplish today.  LOL


I've really got to learn to finish what I already have going before I move on to my next "brilliant" idea.

Chapter 44 : Reputedly Charming

It was late and all I wanted to do was read a book until I fell asleep.  I went to my room and undressed for bed.  I climbed between the sheets and reached for the book on the nightstand.

No pics, but very short....Collapse )

Get up -ahhh!

I was doing an internet search for some James Brown (for reasons I shall keep to myself).  I found this on YouTube ad apparently I am the only one I know who finds it freakin' hilarious.

I know I'm a little soft in tha heid, but someone else has to find it amusing, right?


Just a FYI, I updated the end of Chapter 42 with a few additional paragraphs.  It provides a better explanation of what happened and finally brings Vidcund's and Lacey's little vacation adventure to an end.

If anyone is interested, you can find it here.

Dear Chloe and Lola