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A Curious State of Affairs - Chapter 43

It was a beautiful afternoon in late spring.  The skies were clear and the oppressive heat of summer had not yet set in.  Amber was plucking wilted blossoms from the cacti her rock garden when she heard the garden gate creak.  She didn’t look up to see who was entering her yard.  She liked to be surprised. 

I wanted to touch your mind and your heart, I wanted to find a new place to start... Collapse )

!We're having LaFiesta!

Dear Chloe and Lola

Chapter 43 : Son of Rat Bastard

Good Feeling

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Chapter 42 : La Malédiction

Year Zero

Just before Christmas, before I became incapacitated, I had been working on a little Christmas video  "Jingle Hells Bells".  Unfortunately the project was never completed (I'll have to save it for next Christmas.)  Meanwhile the Curious boys have been running about in the costumes I put them in for the Christmas video.  The all looked so hot that I had to take a few pictures before I changed them back to their regular duds.  I spent the morning amusing myself by playing around with them in their rocker outfits and just had to share. And, because I have an Animoto subscription, and Animoto is so easy and fun, I had to create a video.

I will stand by your ground... I will tear down myself... I won't fadeCollapse )
Originally posted by simtopi at Sim Storyteller Spotlight! New Interviewee!

The Storyteller Spotlight this week is

 creator of  "A Curious State of Affairs"

Please leave any questions for pascal_curious in the comments below. The interview will be posted next Monday, November 21.

I am very flattered and am really looking forward to doing this.  If anyone has any questions they would like to ask me you can post them in the comments here, or at the original post on simstorytellers



I have been struggling for the past few months on whether I should continue, as I had planned, on completing the little side-story of Lacey and Vidcund's vacation in the Caribbean.  I have had lovely pictures taken for the completion on the chapter for over a year, and an outline as to what I want to happen.  The problem is that I cannot seem to get through it.  This is the longest, by far, that I have worked on a single element in the story.

The story itself is not vitally important, but there are some mentions to it in the future, that can easily be omitted.  I hate to give up on my vision of what I originally conceived, and I hate to waste the lovely photos that I am s proud of. There is also a silly bit of supernatural that I had planned on incorporation to the finale. I just do not think I am going to be able to complete it.  I have spent too many months banging my head on my desk for the words that just wont come.  I need to complete this or abandon it before I can move on to the next installation of the Curious saga.

So, as at last, I am asking you, my few readers, if I should continue with this final chapter of a vacation for Vidcund and Lacey, or if I should abandon it , or hone it down to a bare minimum.A Poll, and one of my favorite photos from the chapter in question...Collapse )